Angelina Ballerina: A Story You Won’t Soon Forget

Angelina dreams of, one day, becoming a Prima Ballerina! Dancing is the most important thing to her. She wakes, eats, sleeps, talks, and dreams of igniting her talents and taking her dancing skills to dizzying levels. A life on the stage, performing for hundreds and thousands of people. Dancing her way through all the most amazing countries in the world. Her place in the spotlight, lighting up her path to fame, success, glitz and glamour. Her dreams are of being on the cover of magazines, highlighted on TV dance shows, performing at the highest level of international competitions, sharing talent tips with the up and coming, spending time with the greatest dance stars, and fully experiencing her one true love – dancing. A star’s dream! Angelina’s dream!

Hope, faith and trust welling up from deep in her heart, she points her tutu’d toe, swirls in a froth of pink fabric, and leaps into the air. Her breath coming in bursts, she gracefully lands; a pirouette of excellence. The applause is deafening. A wave of people ovate her. Her moment of glory!

But is it a dream? Angelina, the Ballerina, is destined to dance… or is she? A mysterious visitor is about to arrive at Camembert Academy. More than her special group of friends, it is Angelina who wonders about what will happen…

Will their esteemed guest just love the way she dances? Can a ballet star really outshine modern dance, hip-hop or the likes of River Dance? Will she be her best on the day?

Her love for dance tickles at her. Many dream dreams. Not many live their dreams. Dreams can fade. Dreams can elude us. She ponders what would set her apart from the many dreamers in the world. Would she wake up one day and find her dream fulfilled?

What joy that would be! How wonderful it would be if only, if only she could come up with the most impressive dance of all dances!!!

Alice, Gracie, AZ, Viki are dying to show off their skills to the special guest and they plan fun, fun, fun, high-energy, toe-tickling, ground-stomping, heart-stopping moves! Much preparation and practice go into their performances. Each one wants to be a show-stopper! They huddle together, caught up in a trance of music and movement. Their friendships blossom and wane and blossom as they face the challenges of wanting to be part of the team. Yet each wishes and hopes that their individual talent will be noticed. Will practice pay off? How original do their moves and sequences have to be? Their friendship bonding them, they want to give off their best. Will their gig be great?

Ms Mimi, dance teacher extraordinaire, is full of sighs, flutters, hopes and dreams for her Angelina and the rest of the crew. She secretly aspires to finally see all her efforts come to fruition and her underlings achieve a level of performance unattained thus far. New heights, new visions, new moves.

A festival of Dance and Music, Angelina Ballerina, the Musical, is a lively, highly entertaining theatrical performance which will delight any lover of the arts; from tots, to teens, mums, dads, grams, gramps and other folks too. While tickets can be hard to come by (unless you seek the services of a ticket broker), the demand is merited: this show delivers.

Filled with passion, vigour and energy, the musical provides a very real experience of the much-loved Angelina Ballerina videos, fun and games which give children the world over a positive outlet for their own creativity. A classic case of inspiration inspires! Candy floss costumes and magic moment settings appeal to every girl’s desire, while boys get their fair share of action-packed dance drama.

The musical is packed with imaginative dance styles and dance genre’s, including ballet, rock n roll, jazz and classical, to appeal to every taste.

The scintillating dance moves are enhanced by music created by Ben Morss.The inspired aural pieces encourage toe-tapping, heart-skipping, and even tail-wagging, which makes it difficult for audiences to keep their seats

Susan DiLallo’s book and lyrics come to real life through Angelina Ballerina, The Musical. The story of an 8 year old mouseling with the courage of a lioness, the feistiness of a Tasmanian devil, the imagination of J.K.Rowling, and the energy of an Olympian, proving that successful dreamers have qualities which surpass the ordinary and mundane. Brought home to you, by the award-winning Vital Theatre Company.

Angelina is an inspiration to many; an exemplar that a good work ethic helps the achievement of goals. She embraces the motto that life is a constant unfolding of learnings and the purpose of life is to learn and grow with an attitude of positivity, joy and exuberance.

Angelina Ballerina: The Musical inspired by people with gigantic dreams just like you! Absolutely positively!